Monday, September 29, 2008

Just for fun

Here are just a few more pictures for you all to see. It's been nice being so close to family that we don't get to see very often. I joked with Grandma the other day that I did give her 3 grandchildren so what if one is a dog. She seems to love him. At Gavins soccer game it was cold and he is sooooo small she was keeping him warm. Not to mention there was a bulldog right next to us and Indy thought he was tough barking at him. Grandma to the rescue.
Three of the Witt men together. Who would of thought it would be at a 4 year olds soccer game. If only the rest of the family was here. Kalin would complete the Witt men package. We miss you guys. If Shannon was here we'd see all the siblings together. Not to mention we'd see all the niece and nephews we have missed.
Gavin before soccer and Spencer excited for him. Spencer asked if he could clean the bath so I let him. He was not happy I was taking his picture.
Daddy and Spencer getting ready for a hayride. We went to a church picnic at Gavins school. The boys had a great time playing until Spencer got a sick stomach from going on a merry go round to much. Thank goodness he didn't throw up . I would have! We hope this blog finds you all doing well. We are keeping busy and having fun in New Mexico. It's not home, but we are making the best of it. I never dreamed we'd be so busy here. We miss you.

Gavin at soccer

Gavin has been waiting for his turn to play sports. Well it is finally here. On Saturday he had his first soccer game. Not only did he have his first soccer game he had two in one day. He was a busy boy with a great cheering section. Not only did mom, dad, Spencer and Indy go to see him. Gavin was lucky enough to have Papa, Grandma, Uncle Kevin and Aunt Leah there.
Gavin is one of those players that doesn't play a position he plays the field. Anywhere the ball was so was Gavin. He did score many goals, but lost control a few times too. He was getting tired towards the end of the second game the he wall falling over lots. He loves every minute of it.

Just to show all of you what a ball hog Gavin is here is proof. He would not even let other kids get the ball when it went out of bounds. He wanted to be the one to give it to the ref. Call me crazy but I think that is a little much.
You have to admit he is determined to do well. He really enjoys playing sports. He has had to watch Spencer for so long now it's his turn. He is going to make up for all the times he had to sit and watch.

New puppy

The boys have been asking for a dog for awhile now, we finally gave in. Here he is introducing Indy our new yorkiepoo. He is about 15 weeks and enjoying our family. The boys are having to get used to how small he is. Some may say he looks more like a rat he's only 2.6 pounds. Hopefully, we can fatten him up!

Papa who said he was to small of a dog loves him just as well. He is a very spoiled baby right now. If you let him he'll just curl up and sleep right on you.