Wednesday, August 27, 2008

School Days

Spencer had the pleasure of starting school on August 13th. A little early for what we are used to. In Michigan they won't start until after Labor Day. Oh well he had a bit of a short summer. Good thing he doesn't have a real good concept of time. After arriving in Roswell we found out he had to wear a uniform. Let's just say Spencer was not pleased. At first he was having a hard time adjusting, but it has gotten better. He seems to enjoy his days more.

Gavin started pre-k on August 18th. He goes to a school that is ran by two wonderful women that Kyles parent attend church with. When I called to enroll him there I asked if they needed help. Much to my surprise they did. Well I am working at Gavins school in one of the 3 year old classrooms. Gavin has class from 8:30 - 11:30 so he gets to hang out and have lunch with some of his friends until I get off work. We are there from the time we drop Spencer off at school until 1:00 p.m. Gavin seems to really enjoy it. Everyday when I pick him up he tells me "I didn't cry Mommy". They are starting to fell at home here.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Mexico Fun

Kyle and I decided to get the boys a new toy. They are the proud owners of a four wheeler. It's a little slow for Spencer, but he enjoys it. Gavin could not be happier. There are lots of empty lots next to our house and our path the Gary and Judy's This is a perfect spot for the boys to ride the 4 wheeler.

When the boys are in the desert (that's what they call it) one rides the 4 wheeler and the other looks for ant hole to ride over. Only boys!
Last weekend (when it was only 71' we had the bright idea to go to the beach. It was a little cold, but we enjoyed it. Next time we will be a little more prepared. Spencer and Gavin were trying to catch minos.
This was the lake we went to. For a short time we were the only ones there. That was great until a bunch of older men in their speedos came along. We could of done without that !

The Trip Down

We left the house before 8:00 a.m. Wednesday July 30Th the boys did awesome. Granted we didn't have many snack of drink so we would not have to stop for them to often. Luck for them they are boys (bad for me) they were able to use a bottle if they had to pee. As long as there was a movie going they were all good. As you can see Gavin was very content if he had a movie to watch and his thumb to suck ! He did tell us that when we got to our "new" house that he wasn't going to suck his thumb. I regret to inform you all we had no such luck.
Spencer made himself comfy and was happy to have a few toys to play with and a movie to watch.
Kyle is the man ... he is such a trooper with being out late the night before he did ALL the driving and never complained once.
As we traveled we had Garmin and a print out from Map quest. Looking at Map quest it seemed like we would be in New Mexico soon. Well we turned a corner as saw this large yellow sign letting us know that we were indeed in New Mexico. I asked Kyle to stop so we could capture the moment and stretch our legs.
It did not take the boys long to make themselves at home at Grandma and Grandpa Witts house. Even though they were not there to greet us Uncle Kevin and Aunt Leah were. Spencer and Gavin jumped right into their bathing suits and got into the pond in the back yard. It's just the right size for them. They love it !

Saying "see ya later"

Our wonderful neighbors and friends had a going away party for us the night before we left. We had many laughs among many games of cornhole finishing the night off with a game of Texas Hold'em. Not that I'm bragging, but I did win. Well I split the pot because it was way toooooo late to play it out. Here is Kyle playing cornhole with our friend Jay.
Me and my girls Stacey and Tonia !!
Gavin chillin with his buddy Nick before we left.
Spencer and Lane in their tee ball shirts and Evan and Adam behind. The boys had a great time hanging out one last time until next year. A year from not I think they will all pick up where they left off.

We appreciate our neighbors who are also our friends. Not all neighborhoods can say that. Luckily, we live on a street where everyone knows your name. (hahaha) We really miss you guys see you in June !