Friday, June 27, 2008

summer sports

Okay, here is my final post for the day. I needed to catch everyone up on what's been happening in our lives. So this past week the boys started summer sports. Spencer is playing tball and Gavin is going to tennis lessons. They both meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-11 at the high school. It's great they are at the same time, but bad because we can't watch them both. The first day Kyle was working days and I had to run back and forth between the two. Let's just say I got my excercise. Spencer really enjoyed his game. They each bat once in a inning. He did really well playing defense. He got some really good outs. I didn't get to see them (I was with Gavin) but my friend Tonya and Kyle said so. I did get to see him chase another boy down to get him out . Way to go Spencer !!! Just like Spencers program Gavins is ran by high school students. Gavin is in a group of 4, another boy and two girls. He is having fun and wakes up every morning and askes is it tennis day?

He says to me when he was done the first day.

G: I won mom

M: Really? you did

G: Yeah, I hit the ball over the net everytime.

The week after school got out the church the Gavin's preschool is in had VBS. The boys went and had a carnival the last day after it was over. We got to have lunch then go outside for blow up jumpies and games. They had a blast.

All of this and we havn't even got to July. My poor boys need to slow down. I guess I need to slow them down. Spencer was soooo tired the first day of VBS I could hardly wake him up. He ended up staying home with Kyle and I the first day. He went after finding out how much fun Gavin was having.
Hopefully, I won't take so long getting posts up next time. Hope all is werll.

A life in the day.

Recemtly we had a graduation party on our street. After everyone ate we cleared the table out of the garage and all this kids started dancing. It was to cute. Gavin and his buddy were running to eachother and bummping bellies. They not only made the adult crack up, but they were cracking eachother up. It's great fun around here. Spencer was moving to the music with all the others. They really enjoyed their time at the party.
Target had some WII Fits when I was their one day. I picked it up for my plump self. Not only do I get some excercise, but the boys love it. They were racing eachother here. It's good fun for the entire family.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Spencer's Kindergarden Graduation !

Wouldn't you know it, I did these pictures a little backwards. Oh well you get the drift. Anyhow, the Monday before school let out Spencer had Kindergarden graduation. It was priceless !! They all marched in went up on stage and sang a song. Then one by one the teacher called them up and told everyone what their favorite color was, what they wanted to be when they grow up and what they learned in kinder. Spencer's favortie color is blue he wants to be a police officer and learned how to read . They were all so cute dressed up and in their caps.
Spencer marching into the gym for graduation.

Yes, that cookie says class of "2020". Can you believe that? I know they say time flies, but that seems soooooo far away. Look at the excitement on his face. He can't wait to be in 1st grade.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Funny how fast they forget and how fast they remember

Last summer Gavin was like a fish. He loved being in the pool not to mention he wouldn't give Kyle a break he always wanted him to throw him. Well, we go to get into the pool for the first time this year mind you the water was COLD. Some of the kids in the neighborhood were joining my boys and Stacey and I were going to sit this one out and watch them. Gavin gets his life vest on and doesn't seem to want to go in . He tells me the water is to big. So I go to throw him in thinking once he is in he'll love it. Not only do he grab me so hard that I almost fell in, but it was so cold for him it took his breath away. I know your thinking what a mean mom, but I really thought it would all come back to him. He got out of the pool and yelled at me not to do that again. I said I was sorry and told him how he loved it last summer. A few swims later he attempted to get in but he had to use a tube also. Well I'm happy to announce that he is now swimming with out the tube and using only the life vest. He did let Kyle throw him once, but hasn't asked again yet ! He jumps in and announces that he came back up. I simply tell him ( I TOLD YOU SO.) So with time he'll love it all again. Maybe we can get him out of his life vest this summer.

Spencer last summer was swimming without any assistance. After both life vest were stolen when we were on vacation we told him he had to learn we were not buying him another one. Mean, maybe but I worked. Of course he hesitated as well, but he didn't take long. He gets freaked once in awhile he says I was drowning going under. So he'll grab a tube or a noodle as well. Spencer loves to throw in the diving sticks and get them he just doesn't throw them far. He is trying to swim across the pool like last year, but it still needs some work. He does much better swimming under water so I'm trying to show him to do the strokes correctly. We will see because I'm not the best swimmer either. Anyhow, like I said before WELCOME SUMMER. The school year isn't even over and here we go. Until next time. Oh yeah Shannon these are for you. I'll try and do better so you have something to read and look at. Bye


Spencer has really taken a interest in sports. It just took him a little while to come around. This was a nice treat for me to see the boys outside with Kyle playing baseball. I say it's a treat for me because they have been playing in my familyroom.
Here is Gavin having his at bats. If it was possible I think he'd stay outside all the time. I try to make it fair for him, but if Spencer comes in I fell like I can't trust Gavin out. This summer I'm letting the sting go a little and letting them go out on their own. Spencer always tells me he can watch Gavin. With that Gavin has experienced the consequence of not letting us know where he is at all times. Spencer had wanted to come in one afternoon to rest so I ask where is Gavin. " I don't know" was the response I got. (and he wants to watch Gavin outside) I go to find him to check on him. Much to my surprise I could not find him at his usual spots. At this point I've gone out barefoot so I go back to get some shoes and mention to Kyle I can't find Gavin. He get out in his comfy cloths he had just woke up. At this point a neighbor and I are up and down the street shouting his name and looking in backyards, Kyle has gotten on his bike and checking the park and other streets. (Gavin often thinks because he plays with the older kids he can do the things they do such as go the the park.) Finally, Brian says do you check Emma house? I had, but only the backyard. Sure enough he was in her house. So I ask them to send him out and let him know he was in trouble for not letting us know where he was. I sent him into my bedroom to WAIT ! Kyle comes around the corner you can see he was worried and mad all at the same time. I tell him Gavin in fine and waiting for me to come in a punish him. Kyle basically tosses his bike at me and says "I'll take care of it." Oh boy, that doesn't happen often. Mommy is the one who punishes the boys. Needless to say I think Gavin will let us know where he is going to be from now on.

You know there really isn't a day that goes by that there are not MANY children outside playing on our street. Now that summer in upon us we are crazy with kids. School does not officially let out until Thursday, but you can fell the summer in the air. Above is just a portion of the kids that we get to play with on a day to day basis. The kids were lucky enough to join some friends in our neighbors pool this past week. They have a blast together.