Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wow where does the time go?

It feels like yesterday that I started this in the beginning of May. Now here we are a few days before June. We have been busy with end of the school year activities. A few days before Mother's Day I was invited to Gavin's class for a Mother's Day Tea. We I arrived Gavin and I had to do a project. A paper plate bonnet for me to wear at the tea. Let's just say it was beautiful ! He was excited because he got to wear his shirt and tie. (See picture below) Mother's Day was great the boys both had great hand made gifts from school for me. Those ones are priceless. They each also gave me a Tigers shirt. Lucky for me now I can rotate at the games. We spent the rainy afternoon having lunch with my parents,brother, sister and her family. It's not everyday that the 11 of us got out to have lunch together. Spencer had a spring concert at school. Poor Kyle got home from work and had to rush to the school for that. He is a trooper ! If you could of only see him. I'm glad he was being animated, but I'm not convinced that he wasn't doing it to keep up with his buddy standing next to him. At the Christmas concert he barely sang let alone dance. He was shakin and movin. I wish you all could have seen him at the end of the performance when the entire school sang. They all sang We Are Family he was shakin his fanny really breakin it down. PRICELESS I tell ya.

We had a very eventful Memorial weekend. Friday some friends came over to play that ended up with half the neighborhood here in the yard. The kids had a great time playing 4 square, hockey, basketball and riding bikes. Saturday the boys got to have a babysitter (they love that) Kyle and I had a Tiger game they won YEAH ! Sunday we went to a bbq/bonfire. We've neve taken the boys to this house because they have lots of property and a creek I was scared of them getting to far. Well, now I feel bad becasue they had sooooo much fun. They were covered in dirt from head to toe. They did get a little close to the fire that freaked me out some. I could hear Spencer laughing so hard from a pretty far dstance away. And it all worked out some of the dads set ground rule no creek ect. and the older kids looked out for them. On top of all that we finally had a warm day yesterday in the 80's the boys and some neighbors swam. The pool was only 67, NO THANKS ! Gavin didn't love it so cold he lost his breath from the shock of the cold. He didn't get back in. We finished the weekend of with a cook out with some friends. GREAT FUN. Back to reality today. Well until next time.

Spring concert

If you can see Spencer was trying to bust a move on the risers at his spring concert. Only if I had a good picture of the end of the performance when the entire school sings. The sang We Are Family, he was shakin his fanny.

Worm fun

Come on this is so cute. He looks like such a little man !

Okay I know that boys will be boys , but look at that worm! Oh how proud they were. They each took turns trying to set a trap to catch a robin. I'm sad to announce that the poor thing didn't make it. They handled it so much, lets just say they each ended up with a shorter worm. You know what I'm sayin?

Here is Spencer before his Spring concert at school. We were testing out the camerea.

Monday, May 5, 2008

A Few Photos

Here he is our football star. This was Spencers first game where he scored a touchdown !!! He seems to really enjoy it. Except this past Saturday it was raining he didn't love it.

Recently Gavins class went on a fieldtrip to a farm. He got to pets some animals and they all milked this cow. I was greatful that is wasn't a real cow. YUK He really had fun! I guess he's a farmer now.

This is one of my favorites ! Kyle was on detail to DC for 6 months. The boys and I had a chance to go. We spent 2 weeks there during Spencers Christmas break from school. We tried to see some sights. Once they got a hold of Daddy I wasn't needed. They both had to hold his hand as we walked. Isn't is cute?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Here is goes !

So I've sat down lets just say a few times to get this started. Hopefully, this will be the time I get it all together. Well, I thought I'd jump on this band wagon as my siter in-law put it and start a blog. Is there no better way for everyone to keep up on our family? Ready or not here is the first enrty from the Witt Family.

Just a few days into May we are wicked busy! (I thought this wouldn't happen until the boys were much older) We have signed Spencer up for flag football - he seems to like it. Along with that soccer is starting. With both of those Spencer is missing the last few weeks of Awana Club. He did get his book finished though. YEAH !! He was sad he missed the Grand Prix last week, but they raced his car. He didn't miss much, it didn't do so well. So on Wednesdays he has football practice and Friday evenings soccer and Saturday morning is the football games. Who would of thought that at 5 or 5 1/2 (Spencer would correct me) he'd be going in so many directions. When we realized that football and soccer would overlap we asked him if he'd like to just try football and he said no he'd finish soccer. He doesn't really enjoy soccer as much so I'm proud of him that he is finishing out his commitment. With all of this Spencer is finishing out his last 5 weeks of kindergarten. I can't believe he is going to be in 1 st grade. Oh my goodness where does that time go????

Well Gavin is 4 now and thinks he is 10 like the other big boys on the block. He always asks why he can't go to the park by himself like the neighbors. Mind you the park is two blocks and there is a train track right behind the park. And he asks why! Gavin has been quit a sport being drug along to watch Spencer. He isn't very patient with it he want to play too. At least once a day I get asked when he is starting soccer. It's a good thing that he doesn't have a concept of time beacuse it doesn't start until late July or early August. Gavins preschool class is ending in just a few weeks. He has really enjoyed it there, plus met some great buddies. I'm not sure he'll survive without seeing his buddy Brady twice a week. Hopefully, he will get into the preschool that Spencer attended last year. He is really looking forward to being at the big school. Shortly Gavin will be done with his Awana Club, Cubbies, he really wants a cubbie bear for his vest. Every Wednesday Gavin looks forward to Cubbies especially seeing one of his leaders. He is attached to her. I fell bad for the rest of the leaders who he won't really give his time to. I'm sure they love him anyhow!

Kyle is busy at work supporting our family. The last few weeks he has been participating in Oral Hiring Boards. It took awhile, but his station has finally moved to it's new building. Great for Kyle he is 5 yes I said 5 minutes from home. Quit the change from his trip he had daily in Texas.
He has become spoiled only filling his gas tank once a month ! Good thing since gas is so much right now.

As for me, I'm holding down the fort, the boss if you will (Kyle may not agree). My idea of being a stay at home mom was I'd be very involved with the kids lives. I'm trying that for starters I coach Spencers soccer team . Along with that I help whenever I can at both the boys schools. I really enjoy all of it. Well the coaching is up for discussion !

Okay there is our update. Until next time.