Sunday, July 12, 2009

Flag Football and More

We had a really fun time during spring football season. The boys were on the same team, it will most likely be the only time that will happen. Not only were our boys on the team we had friends on the team too. All but Gavin and the coaches son are in Spencers school. The pictures below are from on of the best games not only to watch, but the kids had a blast in the puddles. Spencer grabbed a flag here stopping the other team from getting a touchdown.
Look out he might be the youngest and smallest on the team, but he kept up with the others. Gavin running the ball in had to hit that big puddle. How could a boy resist that?

It made picture taking easy for me when they were in the play together. Gavin loved being the center handing the ball off. They had a play that he was the center and handed the ball of it was faked to many others and they gave the ball back to Gavin to run it in. It worked !!

Look out here he comes.

I had to get a picture with my football players. I just love them.

So does Daddy....although he doesn't love taking the pictures.

If you look close you can see Gavin trying to grab a flag. During the second game Gavin grabbed a flag and stood there holding it up. The rest of the team and entire other team kept running. I didn't realize what was going on I thought he grabbed someone elses flag ,not the ball holder. Well the boys flag belt was so long it looked like he still had his flag and they scored. The opposing coach asked Gavin for the flag and put it back on, Kyle was watching all of this. Our coach told the ref my guy stopped him pulled his flag way back there. Unfortunately, Gavin had given the coach the kids flag back and the ref didn't see it. The opposing coach claimed that he had no idea what he was talking about. Well cheaters never win WE BEAT THEM.

Listening to coach getting the plays................................................

Waiting to start. Poor Gavin looks so little out there, but he did great !!!!

The first grade got to take a field trip to Greenfield Village. We had a great time, I got to go with them. I was responsible for Spencer and one other boy. We teamed up with a couple other moms and enjoyed our time.

Little did the children know, but they had to do work while there. They were given a book they had to complete. Here is Spencer sitting in the one room school house. They thought it was great to do their work in there.

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