Sunday, July 12, 2009

Life of the Witt Family

Gavin had the pleasure of Mackenzie coming over he had to give her a ride on his four wheeler. She is a pro now and can drive it herself. This is one of my favorite pictures of them. I have visions of their wedding. HAHAHA This was Spencer before school when it was spring picture day. His hair all nice and long. I took this in case his pictures did not turn out well. The pictures he took at the beginning of the year in New Mexico were HORRIBLE. I'm sure you can understand now why I took this before he left.

Gavin had a Easter party at school. His class went outside to have a Easter egg hunt. It was great fun for him and I enjoyed watching them all. He will not go to school with his friends from prek because he will go to a different elementary school then most of them. I'm sure he will miss them. At least he will miss Brady his bestest buddy.

Kyle was gone for 3 weeks before Easter so the boys and I decorated eggs on our own. They thought this was cool because I let them climb up on the table to be closer to the cups of dye.

In April we had a dear neighbor pass. He was a friendly face on the street, all the kids loved him. We as a group decided not to let the children attend the funeral so this is what they did instead. All the kids put a message on a balloon and sent it up to Mr. Jim. They all enjoyed this and so did Mrs. Nola.

There go all the messages to Mr. Jim.

On the same evening some of the big kids played a game of basketball. It was reather funny to watch the dads play. The kids thought this was really funny.

Look at Kyle go !!

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