Monday, January 26, 2009

Merry CHRISTmas part 1

We are blessed to live in a state that has four seasons. Everyone asked me I bet you wish you were still in New Mexico when this snow hit. I simply respond "no I love having 4 seasons" Here are they boys among others on our street enjoying the snowhill in the court. When the plow trucks come down our street they push all the snow to the middle of the circle. As you can see the kids love it. They boys were trying out thier sleds in the backyard. We had lots of fun on this day. School was cancelled so we enjoyed it. Well they did anyhow, I just snowblowed a lot !! Once this snow was gone we got more and even had school cancelled for a cold day. It was 26 below zero so they didn't have school. It has been so cold here the snow has not had a chance to melt yet. I don't remember having such a cold and snowy winter.
The boys got to see Santa at the Gibralter Border Patrol Station Christmas party. We had a fun time. All of the kids ran around and enjoyed eachother. It great they don't know one another and still manage to have a good time.

Spencer was not so sure about Santa. At this point Santa was giving him a hard time about his red hair.

Now here we are the tree Christmas morning. Notice the Michigan hats in the tree? Kyle went out and shopped Christmas Eve, yes Kyle did. He went out for those hats because he was putting the boys to bed one evening and Spencer told him he really wanted a Michigan hat. He could not stand it he hat to go get him one. Until next time when I will tell you all about Chritmas morning. I hope you have enjoy our updates as of yet, but be prepared I still have more.

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